Accident Management


At Skyline Car Hire, we understand accidents can happen that’s why we provide a full round the clock service to ensure any damage caused to the vehicle must be reported to Skyline, we are able to recover the vehicle and provide you with a replacement within a matter of hours to ensure you continue working.

Details to obtain at Scene of Accident:

  • Accident time and Location.
  • Images of your surroundings.
  • Images of your vehicle and the third party vehicle.
  • Registration Number of Third party vehicle.
  • Name and Address of Third party.
  • Third party insurance company and policy number.

Breakdown Cover


If you have broken down, please call our breakdown line, whereby we will be able to provide coverage wherever you are in the country.

We will aim to get to you within 90minutes and if your car is not repairable at the roadside, we will recover you and your passengers back to our offices.

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